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Texas Iris Growers and Sellers

Hillcrest Gardens




15076 CR 349         Terrell, TX         



Bonnie and Hooker Nichols hybridize many outstanding iris and introduce exceptional new iris every year. Louisiana, Spuria and Bonnie’s space age rebloomers along with median irises grace a garden location that is spaced so visitors have a chance to walk among the plants with ample space between the rows. Each row gives each person quite a workout when viewing the plantings. The Terrell commercial garden has over 5,000 irises and 1,000 daylilies.  Here you can evaluate the reselected Louisiana seedlings hybridized by Hooker Nichols. Through tried and true growing methods, the Nichols' have successfully bloomed nearly 100% of their annual Louisiana seedling crop.  In addition to irises and  daylilies, Bonnie & Hooker grow an abundance of annuals including sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos.  Check out their web site today.  15076 County Road 349 Terrell, Texas  75161  (214) 676-9892 or (972) 672-3062



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TB's Place (The Iris Lab)

Tom Burseen
1513 Ernie Lane
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

"Tom is deaf, so he no longer uses a phone. Please correspond with him in writing. T.B.'s Place has lots of Tall Bearded iris. So does "T.B." stand for "Tall Bearded" or "Tom Burseen"? Well, whatever, each year Tom has many new introductions of his own fancy hybrids. 

He is not open for tours or visitors.

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