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These are the plants that will be for sale from Noon until 4:00 p.m. or until sold out, on April 24, 2021 at the ISD Iris Show at Holy Cross Lutheran Church  11429 Marsh Lane   Dallas, TX.

They go  very fast, so come early for best selection.  NO EARLY SALES OR HOLDS.  .

All plants are potted and ready for transplant into your garden.  
Pots are priced at $10 each.    
Quantities of each variety are very limited, most as few as one pot, so come early for best selection.

BEARDED IRIS definitions

TB = Tall Bearded - over 27.5 " high at top of bloom stalk

 MEDIAN BEARDED IRISES:  (no median iris for sale at this show)

          SDB = Standard Dwarf Bearded - 8" - 16" - great for small areas - bloom early - compact clumps

          IB = Intermediate Bearded - 16" - 27.5" - Smalled plants - bloom between the SDBs and the TBs

          BB - Border Bearded - 16" - 27.5" - Resemble TBs but reduced in all parts - bloom with the TBs

          MTB = Miniature Tall Bearded - 16" - 27.5" - delicately formed blooms on thinner stalks - bloom before the TBs

BEARDLESS IRIS definitions  (no beardless irises for sale at this show)

LA = Louisiana - tall, water loving irises, bloom late

SPU = Spuria - tall,look  like dutch iris on steroids. NOT water plants.





Let's Talk Irises

Give us a call if you want to talk about Irises.